FINO Markers
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Finnish Norwegian Border Marker Data Sheets

Below are links to the 736 km long Finnish Norwegian border marker data sheets (Finnish and Norwegian languaged only). The lowest numbers are in the west (at FINOSE tripoint the world's northernmost) and the last markers are at FINORU tripoint in the east. Most of these markers were originally a part of the pre-1809 Norwegian-Swedish (NOSE) border and the numbering is therefore a continuation of the present NOSE border marker numbering. The cairns are located in two separated areas; the western area from the FINOSE tripoint until 342A, and the eastern area from 343 until FINORU tripoint. Between 342A and 343 along River Tana and its tributaries, there is no regular border marker, but several king stones (small unnumbered stones with royal monograms, located on both sides of the river but not always paired). The river border follows the thalweg.

Clickable map with boundary vista maps and data.

FINOSE 294 294A 294B 294C 294D 294E 294F 294G 294H
295 295A 295B 295C 295D 296 296A 296b 297 297A
298 299 300 300A 300B 301 301A 301B 302 302A
302B 303 303A 303B 304 304A 305 305A 305B 305C
306 306A2 306B 306a 307 307A2 307B 307a 308 308A
308B 308C 309 309A 309B 309C 310 310A 311 311A
312 313 313A 314 314A 315 315A 316 316A 317
317A 318 319 319A 319B 319C 319D 319E 320 320A
320B 320C 321 321A 321B 321C 322 322A 322B 322C
322D 322E 323 323A 324 324A 324B 325 326 326A
326B 327 327A 328 328A 329 329A 330 331 332
332A 332B 333 333A 334 334A 335 335A 335B 335C
336 336A 336B 336C 337 337A 337B 338 339 339A
339B 339C 339D 340 341 341A 342 342A 343 343A
343B 343C 344 344A 345 345A 345B 346 346A 346B
347 347A2 347a 348 348A 349 349A 350 350A 350B
350C 350D 350E 350F 350Fa 350G 350Ga 350H 350I 350J
350K 351 351A 351B 352 352A 352B 352C 352D 352E
352F 352G 352H 352I 352J 353 353A 353B 353C 353D
353E 353Ea 353F 353G 353H 353Ha 353I 353Ia 353J 353Ja
353K 353L 353La 353M 353Ma FINORU
Thanks to Mr Gustav Foseid for help with these data.

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