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BM 295B
BM 343A
FINO Markers
Tornio-Haparanda '10
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Finland

Fortunately I have several interesting Finnish border reports, representing all the three land borders of this country; to Sweden, Norway and Russia.

BM 295B is the border marker on the road between Kilpisjärvi (FI) and Skibotn (NO) in the northwest.

BM 343A is a border marker on the road between Nuorgam (FI) and Polmak (NO) in the northeast. This border marker is also mentioned in Craig Rowland's Nuorgam-Polmak story.

FINORU and FINOSE are reports about the two trifinia (tripoint markers) Finland – Norway – Russia and Finland – Norway – Sweden.

Tornio (FI) - Haparanda (SE) is about the twin cities at the Gulf of Bothnia.

Map Data

GRENSEOPPGANGEN NORGE - FINLAND / SUOMEN JA NORJAN RAJANKÄYNTI by Den norske og den finske grensekommisjon/Suomen ja Norjan rajankäyntivaltuuskunnat (2000)


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