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Finland - Norway - Russia (FINORU)

The trifinium Norway - Finland - Russia

The trifinium Norway - Finland - Russia (NOFIRU) is located on the Krokfjellet hill (in Finnish and Russian Muotkavarre hill) (145 m.). Accessible via a marked trail at the end of a forestry road that starts between Noatun and Nyrud. Until 1944 this point used to be an ordinary Norwegian - Finnish boundary marker. Anybody violating the Norwegian - Russian border from Norwegian side will by the local police be rewarded a fine of NOK 5000 (EUR 600).

Tripoint marker and NORU vista (and a small part of FINO in the foreground) watched from Norwegian side at summer.

Finnish border zone sign at the tripoint marker at nice winter weather.

Norwegian border police inspection at not so nice winter weather.  Photos: © Frode Berg, Kirkenes.

Map: © Statens Kartverk, Oslo, Norway

Map Data

1.    Coordinates for Norwegian-Russian bordermarkers 1947 - 2007 (Norwegian only, Source: Statkart, 2008)

2.    Norwegian-Russian kml-files

There are few points in the NORU border waters. Here, aerial photography or border maps have to be used additionally.  The entire NORU boundary data was collected by Mr Gustav Foseid in three kml-files (which can be opened by Google Earth or similar programmes). The river points are the points of the protocol, and in addition he put in extra river points from the Landsat images.

2.1  NORU Midpoints:  Border-koord.kml
2.2  Norwegian Border Marker Positions:  NO-koord.kml
2.3  Russia Border Marker Positions:   RU-koord.kml



The Norwegian Border Commissioner at the Russian boundary

Norway and Russia - The Cooperation! (Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Finnish - Norwegian border history (Statkart) (Norwegian only);action=File.getFile;ID=34270

Russian - Norwegian border history (Statkart) (Norwegian only);action=File.getFile;ID=34271



Norwegian Army (Garnisonen i Sør-Varanger) (Norwegian only)


Morten Berger (Norwegian only)

Otto and Mechtild Reuber (German only)

Pasvik Cafe (Norwegian only)

Svanhovd miljøsenter (Norwegian only):

Tinderanglerne (Norwegian only) - photographed from Finnish side

Kirkenes tourist information - photographed from Russian/Norwegian side


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