FISE Golf '10
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Tornio Haparanda (FISE) Golf Course 2010

On this page we follow the 18 holes Tornio - Haparanda Golf Course boundary from northeast towards southwest. The golf course is located on the Swedish - Finnish border in the northernmost part of Gulf of Bothnia. 
This photo: From hole 6.  The boundary is between the two red poles. Finland (south/left) and Sweden (north/right). At this hole it is possible to make a hole-in-one over the boundary! When it is 12 am in Sweden the time is 1 pm in Finland. The boundary is the center of the green and the time difference makes the ball to lose a full hour, but on the way home one gets it back.
Thanks to the Nordic Passport Union which came into force on 1 May 1958 any Nordic citizen may legaly pass any Nordic border without even carrying any ID document. Since both Finland and Sweden are Schengen countries most other citizens also may play golf here.

Same angle as above, but slightly cropped view.

Wet boundary from east-southeast towards west-northwest. Borderpole in the river between the golf course's fairways no 7 and 17.

Slightly more west of the point on the photo above.

From the point above, but towards east.

Now on the western leg: From hole no. 10 towards north. (About the same angle as this 2002 photo.)

Cropped part of the photo above.

Same border marker as on photo above, but now from southwest towards northeast. 

Close-up of marker on the photo above. The markers are made from a poly material.

Cropped image of the above photo. The border clearly turns at the second marker which is located on a marsh island.

Now from north towards south: From the teeing ground at fairway 10. The red pole to left of the sign is a border marker. The teeing ground is in Finland, but most of the rest of the fairway is located in Sweden.

Overview photo of the same area. Photographed from one border marker towards south west and the next border marker (located just to the right of the sign). The 18th hole is just in foreground, and the 10th teeing ground in the middle of this picture both in Finland while their fairways are in Sweden.

Photographed from south towards the teeing ground at fairway 10 (see photo above).

Photographed from the point on the photo above, but towards south. The road in the middle of the photo is going from historic border direction markers no 58 (340 m to right) and no 63 (200 m to left).

Road border. Photo taken from Finland in direction of Sweden. 

Cropped image of the photo above showing the location of border direction marker no 58. 

Road border. Photo taken from Sweden in direction of Finland. 

Location of border direction marker 63 on an Google Earth image.

Motif photographed from the road in direction of Lake Kaupunginlahti. The field is the golf course training range which is situated west of the golf club house.

Cropped part of the photo above. Here we see how the border turns at the shore of the lake.

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