FISE Bm 58
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FISE Border Marker No 58

This Swedish border marker no 58 is located in Haparanda, west of the Finnish-Swedish border and is showing the distance of 340,0 m to the state boundary. Also originally it was a direction marker, not a marker located on the boundary itself. Location map of this historic marker is to be found here. (Now this marker is standing north of the road to the border; but on the map it was put south of the road.)

The text is in Swedish language.

An arrow is showing the direction to the boundary...

... from both sides of the stone.

Only the back side is without any inscription.

The border marker is located on highway 99, next to the side road leading to the golf course building.

A sign states only borderzone citizen without anything to declare may pass the border here. Swedish and Finnish languaged texted. 

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