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FISE Border Marker No 58

In the southern part of Haparanda-Tornio the twintown is slowly growing together. Since 2002 a new road, Krannigatan/Krannikatu, has appeared. Between this street and the E4 highway an international shopping center is planned. So far only the Finnish side is ready with its "Rajalla – På gränsen" (lit. "On the boundary") mall. It appears than in the future one inside the mall can walk over the boundary.

Ortomap of the area from some years ago. Later the "Rajalla - På gränsen" mall was finished built.

The socalled Border Arrow Area is going to be a recreational park.

Just north of the park we see that the shopping mall (Finnish "Rajatori") is planned to be divided by the boundary.

FISE boundary from north towards south. Shopping centre area on Finnish side. Photographed from the new Krannigatan street.

Same area from slightly different angle.

From same point, but towards north. A border video camera is being adjusted on Finnish side, photographing vehicles leaving Finland.

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