ESFR 574-577
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Le Perthus Border Station
ESFR 574
ESFR 574 bis
ESFR 575
ESFR 576
ESFR 577
Le Perthus Maps

Spain – France (ESFR) Border Markers 574-577 in Els Limits/Le Perthus

The boundary between France and Spain run through the centre of the small town of Le Perthus (France) and Els Limits (Spain).  These photos were taken on 2 August 2011.  

Sources and Links

A a very detailed and exhaustive source on most aspects of the Franco-Spanish border markers is  Mr Eef Berns' "The Bordermarkers of the Pyrenees".  The report describes almost every single marker from the Atlantic coast and to the Mediterranean Sea. 

1. The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees - Bordermarkers 574-582

2. The bordermarkers of the Pyrenees

3. Fronterasblog (Spanish only)

4. Spanish Wikipedia Límits 

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