ESFR 575
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Spain – France (ESFR) Border Marker 575

Boundary marker no 575 pictured towards north. France to left and Spain to right.. 

French-Spanish border marker no 575.

The marker pictured in direction of border maker no 573.

From north towards south.

From bm no 575 and towards north and bm no 576. Air distance to the next boundary marker is 442 metres. The entire stone/concrete "edge" is on Spanish side.

From north towards bm no 575.

The first parking metre is a Spanish, and its ticket is of course only valid on Spanish side. Behind is the French "Horodateur" parking metre which gives you a parking document for the French side.

The boundary line from north towards south.

Further north. France to left and Spain to right. 

War memorial from the Spanish Civil War 1939: "Over this border passed in February 1939 thousands of refugees, civilians and military, who were defeated by Franco in their struggle for Republican Spain."

Further towards north. Le Perthus to left, and El Portús to right.

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