ESFR 576
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Spain France (ESFR) Border Marker 576

Border marker 576 is situated in the middle of a sidewalk. Here the boundary is turning direction and continues east/north east. There is no other boundary markings on the ground surface.

Marker no 576 from north towards south. The sidewalk in the mainstreet is in Spain, while the entire street is in France. The cars are parked in France, even if the buildings are in Spain. On the sidewalk on this photo the boundary goes in the middle of the white stripe.  

From east towards west/southwest. France is on the other side and on the right side of the marker. Spain is to left. On the top right side of the stone it reads "GALLIA".

Towards west. This downer part of the marker has five corners, while the upper part has only four. The text in the grey top area of the stone reads "HISPANIA".

From south/southeast towards northwest/north. France is on the other side of the marker; Spain is on this side.

From this marker the boundary seems to follow the eastern edge of the street towards marker no 577. Air distance from bm no 576 to bm no 577 is about 143 metres.

From east towards west.

Same direction as above; now from north towards south. The bm no 576 is behind the two persons on this picture. This small binational street is Arroyo de la Condesa (in Spanish) or Rue du Ravin (in French).  Under the street runs an old border creek. 

From south towards north. The street is France but the pink building is Spain.

Further north we are now closer to bm no 577. It is two metres to the right of the yellow gate in the middle of the photo.

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