ESFR 574 bis
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Spain France (ESFR) Border Marker 574 bis

This tarmac border marker no 574 has the same number as the previous stone marker. Therefore it has been named "574 bis" (a "repeat"). 

From bm no 574 bis towards bm no 574. Distance: about 43 metres.  Originally this was the location of bm 574. Together with bm no 575 they formed a "city gate".  Under the construction of the border crossing point in the 1960s it was decided to move the marker to the new side of the street, and it was still left on the boundary.  The turn of the border had to be marked, and the point got its metal marker.

Original location of the two border makers (575 to left and 574 to right).  Source: Chaland's photostream, Flickr.

From bm no 575 towards no 574 bis. Distance: about 8 metres.

From no 574 bis and towards east and no 575. France to left and Spain to right.

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