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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Czechia

The picture is taken in April 2012 on Czech express road R13 between Habartice, Czechia and Zawidów, Poland. 
51°01'17" N 15°03'50" E.

Czechia shares an 810 km boundary with Germany in west, 761,8 km with Poland in northeast, 251,8 km with Slovakia in east and 466,1 km with Austria in south; in total 2289,7 km land boundary. The country is landlocked.

Czechia has five numbered boundaries:
– with Saxony, Germany: border markers from east to west - I/1 - XXIII/18
– with Bavaria, Germany: border markers from west to east  - I/1 - XII/1
– with Austria: border markers from west to east: I/1 - XI/6
– with Slovakia: border markers from north to south: I/1 - IX/41
– with Poland: border markers from east to west - I/1 - IV/147 

Sources and links

  1. Jan Zvěřina's excellent Czech border marker site

  2. Czech Wikipediaátní_hranice_Česka

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