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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Czechia - Slovakia Boundary
Hrcava (CZ) Svrcinovec (SK) under construction

From Slovakian side and towards Czechia. Border marker I/10.

Border marker I/10.

Border marker I/10.

Middle marker I/10/2.

From middle marker I/10/2 towards middle marker I/10/3.

Middle marker I/10/3.

Cropped image of middle marker I/10/3.

Ortomap from Statni Hranice Site with the positions of the markers.  Note that there is no photo of middle marker 10/1, and that 10/1 is a turning point.  Probably this point was at the side of the original road.  (The yellow line is a straight beaming line only.)

Pre-1993 topographic map. 

Cadastrial map on a Czech topographic map.

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