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Czechia (CZ) - Germany (DE) – Poland (PL) Tripoint Boundary

The tripoint border between Czechia, Germany and Poland is located between Zittau in Germany, Hrádek nad Nisou in Czechia and Porajów in Poland.
50° 52' 14"N 14° 49' 24"E.

The tripoint viewed from the closed Himmelsbrucke, 270 m northwest of the point.

Jan S. Krogh at the Czech marker (which is missing its coat-of-arms).







Map from the Czech - German Border Treaty shows that the tripoint is located at the confluence between the Neisse and the Ullersforfer Creek. More accurate the point is about in the middle of the Neisse.

Map over the tripoint area rom the Border Treaty between Czechia and Germany.  According to this sketch the tripoint is not exactly in the middle of the Neisse.

The Treaty tripoint map does not appear to be in scale. It seems impossible to fit the border map river beds with those on the ortomap.

1. The Border Treaty

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