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Taba Border Area
Taba Map
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Egypt

Egypt (EG) Israeli (IL) border

The southernmost Egypt Israel dry border is at Taba, about 10 km southwest of Eilat, Israel. On this photo I am standing in front of the Israel exit and Egypt entry gate. My left foot is barely touching the boundary. ( December 2009.)  Notice the boundary running up the hill. The two nation's flags are always on their motherland's soil. Between the four flagpoles there are two borderfences, one Egyptian and one Israeli.
See also Dallen J. Timothy's report from 2006.

Same motif

Exit gate Egypt (right) and entry gate Israel (left).

It was not permitted to take a photo of another person standing on the borderline.  The only way was to take this photo of my shoes!  My left shoe is in Israel and the right is located in Egypt. Photo is therefore taken while on exit from Israel (Behind where I am standing on the upper photo).


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