Taba Border Area
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Taba (EG-IL) Border Area

Border post is about 200 m ahead. Photographed from Egyptian side. Building with yellow roof is in Israel.

From Egypt towards Israel. Exit gate from Israel.

Black and white sidewalk is Egypt, red and white is Israel. Egypt exit gate.

In December 2009 Israeli exit tax was  ILS 94,50 (about USD 25) per person. Entry tax for Egypt was EGP 75 (about US 13,70) per person. The Egyptian entry tax was collected at a check point at the exit of Taba (about 1 km from the borderline), allowing visitors from Israel to visit the casinos at the Taba hotels tax-free.
Arriving from Israel one did not need an Egyptian visa for South Sinai (Aqaba Coast & St. Cathriane's Monastry), but if you would have, you could reenter as long as your visa was not closed and visit Cairo or Luxor.  Although when we returned back to Egypt from Israel a person in the Egyptian terminal (dressed a civilian jacket but uniform trouslers and shoes) obviously cooperating with the Egyptian border official, tried to sell us "tourist warranty" for USD 50-100 per person because they claimed our Egyptian visa no longer was valid since we had left Egypt already once. Later we understood the visa was not closed as long as the visa label was not stamped twice (entry + exit). An Taba exit stamp next to the visa label in your passport seemed to permit reentry to the African part of Egypt, no matter what the passport control at Taba claimed.


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