Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: The borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo from the boundary area between Vardište, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kotroman, Serbia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina shares boundaries with Croatia in south, southwest and north, with Serbia in east, and with Montenegro in in southeast.

Borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1): Lengths Ratification
Croatia (BAHR): 932 km (included 13 km at the coast) Not ratified as of September 2013.
Serbia (BARS): 357 km  
Montenegro (BAME): 249 km  

 Border Treaties

1.1 United Nations: Treaty on the State Border between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 30 July 1999

1.2. IBRU: The Border Agreement Between Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina: The first but not the last by Mladen Klemencic (1999)

1.3 Identification of State Border between BiH and The Republic of Croatia and other Transboundary Issues (2013)


1. Statistical Yearbook 2009, Federal Office of Statistics, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, p. 27.

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