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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia Montenegro tripoint (BAHRME)


The Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia Montenegro tripoint photographed from north. The point was according to the Montenegrese border guards not demarcated or marked. They said it was allowed to visit the point.    

Position: 4233'21"N 1826'17"E (WGS84).

Uncropped photo of the first image. .


Orthomap showing from where the photo was taken (see arrow in the downer right corner. Air distance was 2,06 km.

Bosnia-Herzegovian topomap of the tripoint. In the upper right corner we can see the border crossing point.  
Photo from south east towards northwest. The tripoint itself is slightly hidden from this point.  

BPhoto from north towards south (near the border crossing). Distance about 1 km, but the tripoint is again on the other side of the ridge.

Calculation of the top image.  

The point was visited in July 2015.

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