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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Montenegro Boundary Point
Zupci, BA / Sitnica, ME


The border between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro at Sitnica was not demarcated by border markers at our visit. But there were national signs from both countries only about ten metres from each other, so the border line had to be somewhere in between. The point is located only some hundred metres from the Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia Montenegro tripoint.  Photographed from south towards north.    

Position: 42 33' 43"N 18 26' 38"E (WGS 84).

Photographed from north towards south. Sitnica border station. According to the cadastrial map of Montenegro (see below), both the Montenegrin welcome sign and flag on this photo were placed on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Montenegrin cadastrial orthomap (retrieved in August 2015). We do not know if this is a correct representation of the republics' border line.  

According to the thee maps overlay image above, the Montenegrin and the Bosnian Herzegovinan cadastrial surveys agree pretty much with each other on the border line which anyway may be somewhat adjusted due to practical reasons. The Open Street Map presents often new and not yet ratified borderlines, but if this would be the new borders in this area, not only the Bosnia-Herzegovina Montenegro border, but also the Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia border and the tripoint between three countries would be changed.
We think this scenario is not very likely.

The point was visited in July 2015.

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