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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: The borders of Serbia

Photo from the border between Tabanovtse, Macedonia and Preshevo, Serbia.

Serbia shares boundaries with eight countries; Hungary in north, Romania and Bulgaria in east, Macedonia and Kosovo in south and with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in west.

Lenghts of the Serbian borders (1, 2):
Hungary (HURS):                              174.7 km
Romania (RORS):                             547.9 km
Bulgaria (BGRS):                              360.5 km
Macedonia (MKRS):                         115.3 km
Kosovo (KSRS):                                381.6 km
Montenegro (MERS):                        171.5 km
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BARS):   370.9 km
Croatia (HRRS):                                 261.7 km
In total:                                              2,384.1 km 


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