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Punduri railway stretching (Latvia-Russia)

The western pair of rails of the Punduri railway stretching is divided between Latvia and Russia. They are a part of the Rezekne - Ostrova railway with one line from Pitalova returning back into Latvia. As the rails are belonging to the state-owned Russian railways the Latvian side has agreed to move the boundary about 7-8 metres more west with the result that Russia must compensate about 73000 mē land to Latvia from other areas. So far the administration line is going exactly between the two rails in the middle of this photograph.
Russian railway workers are according to the head of the nearby located Punduri border station, Senior Lieutenant Cubars allowed to step a few metres over the boundary when they are doing maintenance works on the stretching. Sr. Ltn. Cubars was also telling the expedition that the cordon has few problems at the Russian border now compared with before, even if several trains are arriving to the station every day. The Punduri railway station is situated on Russian side. Passengers to Latvian side are not allowed to cross the boundary at this area.

The picture above is photographed towards north and shows the IBRG's Great Baltic Border Expedition's visit on 17 July 2003. From left: Mrs. Ann Kennard, our host Senior Lieutenant S. Cubars, Mr. Hans Peter Nissen, Mr. Peter Hering, Mr. Jesper Nielsen, Mr. Rolf Palmberg, Mr. Doug Murray and Mr. Michael Kaufman.


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