East Latvian Map
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East Latvian Map

The map above is showing Eastern Latvia as in 1939. The six municipalities of Upmales, Linavas, Purvmalas, Augspils, Gauri, a part of Pededzes and the town of Abrene was in 1944 annexed by the Soviet Union. Before the war the Punduri station was situated on the internal Latvian border between the municipalities of Gauri and Baltinavas. The railway is a part of the Rezekne - Pskov line which was built in 1860. Until Latvia's independence in November 1918 both Gauri and Baltinavas were located in the province of Pskov.

Source: Latvijas vestures atlants, SIA "Apgads Jana" seta karsu izdevieciba , Riga 1998.

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