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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Domestic enclaves/exclaves of Norway

Norway has three dry domestic municipal enclaves/exclaves, one of them – the Himberg exclave – is located about 130 km southwest of Oslo, while two more – the Jøsås twin-exclaves – are situated east of Norway's third biggest city in the middle of the country. 


Two enclaves are located near Hell, not very far from the city of Trondheim, being exclaves of Sør-Trøndelag county inside Nord-Trøndelag county.
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Three farmsteads, Øvre Jøsås, Store Jøsås and Lille Jøsås belonging to Malvik municipality of Sør- Trøndelag county are exclaved inside Stjørdal municipality of Nord-Trøndelag county in two different exclaves.  Øvre Jøsås and Store Jøsås are located in one exclave (the eastern one) while Lille Jøsås is making another exclave (the western one). The enclaves have only road access to Malvik.

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The distance between the two exclaves is very small, only about 8 metres on the nearest. Why they actually are separated is not known by Geosite.

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Between the two Malvik exclaves there is located a building, most likely a hut, more or less exactly on the border to Stjørdal municipality. This land between the exclaves has got property number 344/2.


The last exclave is Himberg farms, being an exclave of Sandefjord municipality completely surrounded by Larvik municipality. Both municipalities belong to the county of Vestfold. As of 2006 39 persons lived in the 345,8 acres (1,4 km²) big exclave divided on 12 livinghouses and farmsteads. The historical background explaining how the exclave appeared is today forgotten. Until the beginning of the 1990s a 5 acres big counter-exclave existed. According to the locals, also the inhabitants living in the Larvik corridor east of the exclave, they feel they belong more to Sandefjord where they go for shopping. The two municipalities co-operates the area. Larvik clears away a couple hundred of meters with snow inside the exclave while Sandefjord does the same in another border area belonging to her neighbor. But both the local Larvik and Sandefjord children attend a Sandefjord-run secondary school. According to the Sandefjord mayor the people must decide to which municipality they want to belong. But there is no plan to redraw the borders of these two municipalities.

This is how Himberg exclave looks seen from the municipality of Sandefjord.

And with a closer look. On the closest the Himberg exclave is about 442 metres from Sandefjord proper.

The exclave actually consist from about ten farmsteads.  Do notice the strange "tail" at the Haugen farm! 

The eastern part of the exclave has a rather unusual boundaryline, since a part of the main road (about 50 metres) in front of the houses is belonging to Larvik, while the houses are in Sandefjord.

Himberg farms located inside Larvik municipality.

At Haugen, belonging to Sandefjord proper, the access road from one house is making a pene-enclave inside Larvik municipality, going from the main site to the main road. The road, belonging to Sandefjord, is surrounded by Larvik on all sides, except on its northern appr. 5 meters' width.

The about 300 metres long pene-enclave at Haugen is a part of Sandefjord surrounded by Larvik on three sides, but at the Sandefjord house site the road is connected.

Credits to journalist Anders Horntvedt of Nationen newspaper!

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