NO County Borders
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Norwegian county borders

This is a list over border stones from different domestic Norwegian county borders.

Finnmark - Troms county border

Old border stone located on
Europe road 6. "County" is on this
stone called "amt", used until
1919 when it was renamed "fylke". 
Modern trafic sign at same place
towards Troms county. This is
also the Kvænangen and Alta
municipalities' border.
Modern trafic sign at the same
place, but towards Finnmark

Troms - Nordland county border

Border stone located between
Harstad and Lødingen.

Nordland - Nord-Trøndelag county border

Border stone located at Europe 
road 6 south of Mosjøen.
This is also regarded as the border
between North Norway and
South Norway.

Oppland - Hedmark county border

Border stone located between 
Sollia in Hedmark and Ringebu
in Oppland.

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