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NOSE266B Maps
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Bjørnfjell NOSE border marker 266 B

The ruins of Riksgränsen roundhouse (on Swedish side) is close to the Norwegian - Swedish middle border marker 266 B.  In the background on this photo photographed towards east, is Riksgränsen railway station in Sweden.  
This border marker is probably the closest to my childhood home at Sandtorg in municipality of Harstad, Norway.  
Visited 2. Aug. 2007.  Position is 68º 25' 51"N  18° 06' 21"E. 


Towards east: Top stone from 1930. Norge = Norway.

Towards west: Topstone from 1930. Sverige = Sweden.

Towards south: Wooden railway snow tunnel in background.

Towards north: Power line mast in standing on Norwegian soil, while small antenna mast is in Sweden.


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