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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1521-1522 (Turmantas, LT / Kurcums, LV)

Turmantas (pop. 327 [2001]), known since 1798, is a town in the Zarasai district municipality and located on the border with Latvia.  Since 1862 there has been a railway station on the Warsaw Saint Petersburg railway. As part of the Vilnius Region, Turmont (Polish name) was part of the Second Polish Republic between 1920 and 1939. 
The small Latvian village of Zemgale is located 1,2 km north of the boundary.  In the northern part of the railway station an 1000 m rectangular piece of land north of the general boundary line was granted to Lithuania so all railway station installations would be on Lithuanian soil. The photo was taken towards north.  

Position: 55 42' 11"N  26 28' 3"E.

From left direct border markers 1521, 1521A, 1521B and 1522, taken from  the western side of the railroad. 

Border marker 1521 and the vista towards west and bm 1520. 

The boundary follows generally in the middler of a 2,8 m wide ditch with an exception at bm 1521 as this border treaty sketch describes.

Boundary marker 1521A towards northwest.

The boundary marker is turned 45 as the boundary turns 90. Photographed to south and bm 1521. The boundary ditch is clearly visible.

From bm 1521A towards east and bm 1521B.  

Almost the same motif as above. Notice the Lithuanian railway horn sign to right. 

The northernmost part of switch system is some 10 m from the boundary line.

The boundary on the railroad photographed straight from bm 1521B towards west and bm 1521A. 

The railroad switch to left.  Photo from bm 1522 towards north and bm 1521B.  At the turn of the road we ca see railroad signal lights on the Latvian side belonging to the Turmantas railway station. In January 1938 the Polish and the Latvian sides signed an agreement allowing the Polish railway station to maintain the signal lights which then were 100 m north of the boundary.

Border marker 1521B and a Latvian house only 10 m behind the boundary. 

View from bm 1522 towards north. Notice bm 1521B behind.  On this side of the railroad the boundary does not follow the ditch. 

Bm 1522 photographed towards southeast.  

View from boundary marker 1522 towards east.  Marker 1523 is not visible due to the vegetation. The concrete pole seems to stand exactly on the boundary.

View towards south and bm 1522 (left) and 1521 (right). 

The view towards south from bm 1522.

Welcome to The Republic of Lithuania. 

The former border control post seemed closed down for good.

The Latvian boundary map. 

The ortomap (clickable) with distances between each marker.  Bm 1520 and bm 1523A are indirect Latvian markers.

Notice that bm 1523 is as bm 1522 not located in the ditch and is also an direct border marker. Straumene is a small creek flowing northeastwards.  

More detailed orthomap. Two more similar boundary demarcation areas on the Latvian-Lithuanian are known, one at LTLV-0850 and another at LTLV-0915-0917.

The points were visited in July 2012.

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