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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-1554-1559 (Tilžė, LT / Demene, LV)
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The Latvian border station Demene was the only still operating control post on the Latvian-Lithuanian boundary. The border crossing is the easternmost on the boundary and only 3 km from the Byelorussian boundary.  Direct marker no 1558 to left and photographed towards northwest.

Before WW II the Latvian-Polish boundary here went east of this old road.  The border crossing was then located at bm 1533, nearly 900 m northwest of the present one.

Photo towards southwest. Direct marker no. 1557 to left.

The present border map of this area. The crossing point now goes between diurect marker no. 1558 and indirect marker 1559.

On this Polish 1932 border map we see the Latvian-Polish border crossing point was located at present marker no. 1553.  The boundary itself seems not to have been moved since then.

The points were visited in July 2012.

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