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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Point LTLV-0636 (Klykoliai, LT / Priedula, LV)

This is a small bridge crossing point between the two villages of Klykoliai and Priedula.
Position: 5622'01"N 2250'02"E (WGS84). 

From Latvian side towards Lithuania. The roads on both sides were unpaved. 

The Latvian border marker and the unpaved road photographed towards north.  

The border river of Vadakstis towards east... 

... and towards west. 

The boundary from Lithuanian side and towards Latvian side.  

A road sign on Latvian side shows direction towards Lithuania only 0,2 km away. 

The point was visited in June 2012.

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