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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0657-0661 (Vegeriai, LT / Vēji, LV)


This highway is going between the Lithuanian city of Akmene and the Latvian city of Auce. About 4.35 km before the Lithuanian road 1001 reaches the border crossing, it runs parallel with the road for about 1200 m, only about 5 metres apart. 

Position: 56 22' 44"N  22 55' 09"E. 

LT 0657 is a Lithuanian indirect marker located on Lithuanian soil. It points to the boundary which turns in the channel; at the water pipe opening and runs further in the road ditch for about 1200 m.

The border runs in the middle of the channel for about 780 m until it turns at LT 0656. 

The boundary marker is typically turned in a 45 since it marks a turning point.

The turning point as described above.  Marker LTLV 0658 is contrary to LT 0657 a bi-national marker situated exactly on the border. Neither it marks any turning point, and the insignia is therefore standing 90 with the boundary.

The highway and the two markers, LT 0567 and LTLV 0658. 

Boundary marker 0659. In the background is an abandoned house. Most likely this house had earlier access road from the Lithuanian side. 

The marker is put on a fundament in the middle of the ditch.  

The same marker, photographed towards southwest. 

Photographed from the same point as above, but towards northeast. Marker 0660 is in the middle of the circle. 

Marker 0660 photographed towards southwest. Note the angle since this is a corner marker.  

Boundary marker no. 0660.

The same marker photographed towards east.  

From LTLV 0660 towards marker 0661. 

Same as above, only cropped.  

And west of marker 0661 we can see the two border markers LV0662 and LTLV0663. 

The boundary area. 

Detailed map from LT 0656 to LTLV 0663. 

The boundary situation at LT 0657 and 0658. 

The points were visited in August 2010.

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