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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0580-0582 (Laižuva, LT / Reņģe, LV)


The boundary watched from Lithuanian side. Closest to left is LT-0580 with LV-0580 on the opposite side of the river. To right the two couples of poles; LTLV-0581 and LTLV-0582.

Position: 56° 22' 47"N  22° 37' 12"E. 

LT-0580 and towards north.  

At the railway bridge over Vadakstis River.  The Lithuanian rails were removed around 2002 after the privatization of the Mazeikiai oil refinery.  Here the two indirect Lithuanian poles, LT-0581 and LT-0582. The rails on the Lithuanian side of the bridge are left.

Photo from the 1930s of the Lithuanian concrete marker which was placed opposite to the Latvian concrete marker. The sign on the marker is the Lithuanian coat-of-arms and on the top is the Columns of Gediminas. According to the 1927 Treaty3 it was two concrete markers here, but the treaty says they were placed on the northern side of the railway. Anyhow, the photo shows cleary that the Lithuanian marker is on the southern side, and the Latvian marker is today placed on the southern side. It is not likely that it was moved, as no other concrete marker which still stands appears to have been moved after 1930. (The pole or mast on the Latvian bank appears to be too tall to be a border marker.)   (Photo:


Same point, but towards west.  

From the middle of the bridge and towards north and LV-0580.  

From the middle of the bridge and towards south.

The bridge photographed from Latvian side. 

The Latvian markers LV-0581 (left), and LV-0582 which is the only Latvian marker at the Latvian-Lithuanian boundary which also served as a border marker before the Soviet occupation of Latvia. 

The entire height of the marker is quite visible and is 270 centimetres.  

The original pre-WW II insignia is replaced with new insignia according to the 1995 treaty (see below), but the marker itself is the same. The marker which was placed here in 1930 was grey (not white and red painted) and with an oval plate with the Latvian coats-of-arms.

But only the top 160 cm are visible above the bridge surface. 1)

The railway is blocked by these concrete bars from the Latvian side of the boundary.  Photographed towards west and the Lithuanian side. 


According to the Border Treaty the border runs in the middle of the Vadakste River.  Note that the position of LV-0522 is not drawn completely correct on this sketch as the marker stands next to the abutment.  

Fragment of border map. (Source: LGIA, Latvia.)


Fragment of pre-war border map including the area between markers no. 136 and 137.


The point was visited in the end of June 2012.

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