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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0621 0625 (Kivyliai, LT / Vadakste, LV)


Direct reverse boundary marker no 0622 on the divided Latvian-Lithuanian Klykoliai Dam.  Some of the major border changes on the present Latvian-Lithuanian boundary compared with the 1930 border line were done from about this point and eastwards until about present markers no. 0633.  Although rather small adjustments, due to the construction of the joint dam.

Position: 56 22' 11"N  22 45' 10"E.

Towards the Latvian side; direct marker 0621 to left and direct marker no 0622 to right. 

From Latvian towards Lithuanian side and south.

Photographed from marker 0621 towards east.

From the bridge towards west.

Marker no 0621 seen from west towards east.  

From south towards north

Marker no. 0623 (LT) was 145 m south from the border line.

Marker no. 0624 (LT) was placed 103,5 m from the border line.

Marker 0625 was located 148,1 m from the border line.


Border map from the Treaty of 2000.  The boundary is due to the construction of the Klykoliai Dam slightly adjusted.

The border line west of points 0621 are mainly unchanged compared to the 1927 Border Treaty.

The main changes were found in the new dam.


Border maps overlays of 1927 and 2000 maps. The blue line indicates the pre-war borderline while the black line is the present border. The border line is displaced up to about 140-145 metres, both north and south, of the 1927 border. Pre-war river borders are now found on both river banks.


Between border markers 0621 and 0633 Latvia and Lithuania appear each to have swapped 8 small areas, mostly parts of the present dam. In total Lithuania seems to have transferred 9,3 hectares to Latvia (in red), while Latvia has transferred 14,5 hectares to Lithuania (in blue). Lithuania seems to have gained about 5,2 hectares (0,052 km2) from the Latvian side at Vadakste.


The point was visited in October 2012.

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