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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Spain - Portugal Border Markers 911 - 912 (ESPT)

Three border markers are located next to the meeting point of Portuguese highway N256-1 and Spanish highway EX-107 between Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal and Villanueva del Fresno, Spain.


Border Marker no 911

Photo from 2013 of main marker no 911, photographed towards west. The Spanish side is visible.

The 911 marker Portuguese side

The inscription on the Portuguese side (faced towards Portugal).

Same marker, towards east and Spain.

Photo taken in northeastern direction from the marker 220A.


Border Marker no 911 BIS


The Portuguese side of main marker no 911 BIS.  (The former Spanish customs building is located in the background on the photo.)

Spanish side.

Close-up of the Spanish side of marker 911 BIS.

The marker photographed towards the north


Border Marker no 912

Main marker no 912.

On the southern side of the marker we found another number, and it appeared that this stone probably earlier served as marker no. 911 until it was replaced with a new and more decorated column.

As above.

Marker 912 was located upon a small hill.

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