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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Pedra Ratchada – ESPT 669

All these photos feature the Portuguese/Spanish border in the Northwestern part of Portugal (Guarda district). The "Pedra Ratchada" exact location is in the parish (freguesia) of Foios, county (concelho) of Sabugal, bordering the Spanish county (ayuntamiento) of Valverde del Fresno, at  40º 15,5938' North Latitude and 6º 52,5750 West Longitude.

Commented and photographed by Mr. António Callixto

We see two roadways, one on each side of the border.


The two roadways are clearer seen.


Detail of a border marking stone, with E (España/Spain) on one side and P (Portugal) on the other.

My brother, my wife and myself are on the Spanish side of the border. You can see border marker 669 (these stone markers are numbered all along the Portuguese/Spanish border with fee exceptions). "Pedra Ratchada" (this is a rough phonetical transcription of the local pronunciation, since in standard Portuguese it should be written "Pedra Rachada") means litteraly "broken stone". As you see the stone has been broken by natural phenomena (erosion, low temperatures, etc.) as if it wanted to mark the exact border.

More detailed views of the same stone.

More detailed views of the same stone.

The former Spanish custom station at Calabor, now abandoned (the border post on the Portuguese side is Portelo).

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