Lake Druksiai
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Lake Druksiai (BYLT)


Number of main islands (name and area)
Zamok (0.26 kmē), Sosnovec (0.048 kmē), Utovec (0.0088 kmē) and 5 nameless islands.
Number of outflowing rivers and channels (name): 1 (R. Prorva).

Total area of the lake, including nine islands, is 49.32 km2. The area of the biggest island is 0.23 km2, and the areas of other islands are smaller than 0.05 km2. The surface of the islands varies from one to twelve meters above the water level. All islands, except one, are located in the south part of the lake.

The biggest depth of the lake is 33.3 m, and average is 7.6 m, while the predominate depth is 12 m. The channel of the lake was formed during the movement of the glaciers by two perpendicular runways, which were extended from the north to the south and from the west to the east. Maximum depth of the first runway was 29 m, and second one - 33.3 m [8]. The largest depths are located in the middle of the lake. The most shallow water is on the south ridge of the lake, the depth of which does not exceed 3-7 m.