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Sakaline from LT
Sakaline from BY
Sakaline Maps

Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Kul'kishki (BY) Sakaline (LT) Divided Village

Kul'kishki in Byelorussia and Sakalinė in Lithuania was one village until the Schengen border fence came showed up around 2003. The village(s) are located on the border between South East Lithuania and West Byelorussia.  Now there are two separate villages, well almost two separate because people has still contact with each other every day.  Some are even close relatives, separated by the Schengen boundary. 
The picture show two houses, A and B where two close relatives live.  Also a blue stroke shows the former main street of the joint village.
(Click the image to get a high resolution image.)

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