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The border between the municipalities of Isafjarðarbær and Vesturbyggð on road 60 (Vestfjarðarvegur) is located on 500 m.a.s. on Dynjandisheiði moor.


Signs on each side of the road marks the boundary. From about north towards about south.


This is also the boundary between two counties, Vestur-Isafjarðarsýsla in south and Vestur-Barðastrandarsýsla in south. The Icelandic county (sýsla) has now mostly a historical significance. 


Ísafjarðarbær is covering Vestur-Isafjarðarsýsla and Isafjörður town.


From about south towards about north.


Vesturbyggð is covering the area of Vestur-Barðastrandarsýsla without Tálknafjarðarhreppur.


The blue circle marks the visited point which is about 12 km west of the quadripoint Isafjardðarbær – Súðavikurhreppur – Vesturbyggð – Reykjaólahreppur. (Based upon an image from Wikipedia.)


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