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The signs was found eastbound on Ringroad 1, just after passing River Ŝjórsá. 


Rangárvallasŭsla county and Ásahreppur municipality have here a wet boundary with Árnessŭsla county and Flóahreppur municipality, but we did not find any sign of them.


The yellow pointer shows the location of the signs, just east of the town of Selfoss.


An interesting phenomena with Ásahreppur municipality (2942 km²) is that it is consisting from two parts. The smaller part is in the lowland where the entire population of about 190 residents is living, generally at agricultural farms.  The bigger and upper part is located in the mountains and is mostly undeveloped, with only mountain cabins, hydroelectric power stations and mountain roads (including Sprengisandsvegur road joining the northern and southern part of the island). (Similar divided municipalities excist in Liechtenstein.)

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