Cooch Behar
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Cooch Behar

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Cooch Behar has World's biggest cluster of exclaves and enclaves. Look up under Bangladesh and India for more information.

The number of existing enclaves in Bangladesh and India varies from source to source. The present figures derive from Brendan Whyte's PhD thesis on Indo-Bangladeshi enclaves. There is a 1974 agreement between Bangladesh and India proposing exchange of lands, which, when ratified by India, will largely decrease the number of enclaves in both countries. The agreement was ratified by Bangladesh in 1974. (Palmberg.)


Whyte, Brendan: Waiting for the Esquimo, an historical and documentary study of the Cooch Behar enclaves of India and Bangladesh, Research Paper 8, School of Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Melbourne. Publication of PhD thesis. xvi +502 pp. ISBN 0 734 02208 5.

The Indo-Bangladeshi enclaves at Cooch Behar, West Bengal including past enclaves, Berubari and Tin Bigha Corridor; Scale: c.1:130.000; Compilation Notes, B. R. Whyte, 2001, cartography A. R. Hardie, editing A. Edwards.

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