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Trosterud – where two families live straight on the border

The access road from highway 126 to two properties at Trosterud in the Norwegian municipality of Rømskog runs along with the Norwegian-Swedish state border. One whitepainted villa, one garage, one road and several hundred metres of power lines are situated inside the boundary vista, something which is extremely rare along this 1630 km land boundary, the longest in Europe. Two Norwegian garages (to right) are located in Sweden. Furthermore a Swedish streetlight appears to be supplied from Norway. One adjacent property, Rönningen in Sweden has only access road from Norwegian side.
(All photoes on this page:
© Fredrik Östman, 2011)

Arriving Trosterud from Swedish side. About 8 metres to right of the Norwegian county and municipality signs, is border cairn no 47.

Border cairn no 47 the Mossehalsröset, is situated in the middle of a 5 metres wide boundary vista. So is a Swedish power line. About 300 m north of this point a couple of buildings are situated inside the vista. This is a phenomena usually never tolerated by the authorities which require the vista completely clean of any construction, except border marks.

A Norwegian traffic sign marks the entry to Sweden... Not unusual in Scandinavia.

Vista towards south.

Border cairn no 47 close-up. We can see one of the two royal monograms on the top stone.

Photo towards south, taken from a point 210 m north of cairn 47. Both two houses are situated barely outside the vista. The northernmost only about 5 m from the border, and the other about 7-8 m.

This photo is taken from same point as above, but towards north. From this point the road runs along the vista.

These garages are one of the two buildings inside the vista. The garage is located in Sweden, while the owners are living straight over the border in Norway. The dustbin is of a Norwegian type, although permanent located abroad, anyway handled by Norwegian garbage trucks.

Swedish power line, located inside the Swedish vista part, probably supplying Rönningen dwellings.

About 40 metres north of the garages, we found another family with a garage situated abroad. Here a corner of the villa (cadaster no 79/12 (former 79/3)), inside Norwegian territory, is only 1 m from the borderline, while the garage is outside the vista and located in Sweden. The owner of the property is a retired customs official, who used to work at the local customs office before it was closed down. 

The owner of the house is exporting electric power to Sweden in order to lighten up outside his garage over there, as well as his doorsteps back home in Norway. 

Vista further north. A yellow Norwegian traffic sign ("Riksgrense Norge") marks the border at the entry to Rönningen in Sweden.

From same point towards south. Both garages in Sweden. The road runs along the border for 175 metres.

Photographed towards east-northeast: The house to left is in Norway while the red houses are in Sweden. The boundary is running approximately horizontally along with the top of the shadow in the middle of the photo.

Close-up of the Rönningen farmstead in Sweden, photographed from Trosterud in Norway.

Private road to Rönningen which is only accessible by road from Norway. The boundary is situated 35 m behind the red shed.  (All photos were taken in February 2011.)

This map only shows constructions in Norway or constructions (including roads) [partly] administrated from Norway. (Background image: Statens Kartverk, Norway.)

This map shows the entry road to the houses on the Swedish side of the border which only is connected to the  Norwegian road network.

On this Swedish boundary map we find border cairn no 47 and the name of the Swedish farmstead, Rönningen.

Animation from cadastre map and ortophoto.

According to this map the Norwegian 79/12 house corner is about 190 cm from the boundary line, but according to cartographers who were on the place in 2009, the house was extended and the real distance is now 1 metre.

1. E-mail correspondence of 12 Dec 2005 between
Mr. Johan Taraldrud, Technical Manager at Rømskog municipality and me.
2. Dagbladet (Norwegian only):

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