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Streziunai towards west
Streziunai towards east
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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Violating the Border for a Bucket of Water

For the last 20 years Mr. Juozas Adamonis, a Lithuanian citizen, has been living at the Byelorussian - Lithuanian border, and so close to it that the well was located some 20 metres on the other side of the border, between his house in Lithuania and his Byelorussian neighbour in Byelorussia. 
  -  Before they were issuing border passes so I could pass the border legally and get to the water, but now I don't care. I don't have water pipes into my house and I cannot wait for permission every time I need water, Mr. Adamonis tells when we are visiting his home at Streziunai in Varena region.

Mr. Juozas Adamonis standing on the Byelorussian - Lithuanian border. The well is 20 metres behind his back, in Byelorussia.  In order to survive at his farmstead he needs to violate the border several times every day.  The border officials have not yet discovered how they shall solve this headache as the law tells he needs a permission nobody today has a power to issue.

This article was originally written in 2002. Later Mr and Mrs Adamonis was granted a 2-room flat in the nearby town of Varena, and they moved from the Streziunai farm which eventually was demolished.


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