Streziunai – the road
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Violating the border for...

The Byelorussian and Lithuanian border authorities have a very difficult case here in Streziunai. The legal laws are not giving them any other choice, and to change them only because of one elderly man who needs his water seems to be too much to trouble the parliament about.
   The two friendly neighbours are sharing the well which is located on the Byelorussian side of the border, which leaves Mr. Adomonis, a poor but intelligent Lithuanian farmer, no choice but to violate the border several times every day in order to carry water to his house and to his livestock.  Earlier while it was a local border crossing point here he had a possibility to get permissions to cross the border, but now while Lithuania is preparing for the European Union membership the number of such crossing points is reduced.  Two deep dug trenches are ending the Lithuanian part of the former international road located between border points no. 0414 and 0415. And between the trenches there is even a barrier with a «Stop» sign, (most likely put there before the trenches were dug).

The huge sign on the Byelorussian side is anyway urging any vehicles without permission to enter the country at this place, but to go further to Dotiški border crossing point.

We are thanking Mr. Andrius Ikasala, an operation room specialist at Varena border station and the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service for all assistance during our visit to Streziunai.

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