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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0365 – 0367 (Lūšis, LT / Vainode, LV)


Boundary marker 0366 (indirect) to right and marker 0367 (indirect) to left, and two old concrete border markers. Closed down railway bridge between Mažeikiai, Lithuania and Prikule, Latvia. Last time in regular traffic in the beginning of the 1990s. Photographed towards east. The distance between the exact border points of 0366 and 0367 is 9,5 metres. 

Position: 56° 23' 43"N 21° 58' 49"E.

The picture is taken in the same direction as the upper. The bridge goes over River Lūšis (Lithuanian form) or River Losis (Latvian form)

The bridge photographed towards north. Latvia to left and Lithuania to right.

The railway bridge photographed towards south. Lithuania to left and Latvia to right.

Border marker no 0365 is an indirect Lithuanian-only marker (without Latvian counterpart). This marker marks a turning point on the River Lūšis. Marker 0365 is placed 5,6 metres from the exact border point and it is 40,1 m. until the border point of marker 0366. 

Marker 0365 photographed towards south.

Close-up of marker 0365.

Marker 0366 (from this side only mistakenly marked as "0066") is an indirect an Latvia-only marker, photographed in direction of marker 0365. Marker 0366 is placed 14,2 metres from the exact border point in the middle of the river

Marker 0366 photographed in direction of west and Latvia.

Marker 0366 photographed towards northeast.

Marker 0367 and the Lithuanian concrete marker photographed towards east. Marker 0367 is placed 5,6 metres from its exact border point. It is 215,1 metres between the border points of 0367 and 0368.

Marker 0367 and the two concrete markers.

Marker 0367 photographed from the bridge.

Marker 0367 photographed from east towards west. Note that the Lithuanian marker has a vertical top.

While the top of the Latvian concrete marker is pyramid-shaped.

The coat of arms on both concrete markers were put on the sides facing the railroad tracks. One can still see where the Latvian coat-of-arms was.

River Lušis towards west (left) and east (right) photographed from the middle-point on the bridge.


Border map of 2012 (LGIA, Latvia).  The border runs in the middle of the river.

Fragment of border map no. 18 of 1927 where the two concrete markers were is drawn on the map. The old marker no. 81 was situated about 55 metres north-northeast of present marker no. 0367. The borderline of 1927 is marked with blue lines, while the red lines mark the present border where it differs. At the most, the present border line deviates with the old line up to about 75 meters. The reason is that the old border followed the natural course of the river, while the current boundary follows a regulated and more straightgoing river flow..


Ortomap of the 13 swapped small areas located betweeen markers LT-0362 and LT-0376. In 2000 at the re-demarcation of the Latvian-Lithuanian border, Latvia gave Lithuania 4,15 hectares (marked in red), while Lithuania returned to Latvia 3,17 ha (marked in blue). The biggest swapped is the most southern. Its size is 3 hectares. Clickable!

Ortomap of the railway bridge and its border markers. Image:  

The point was visited in May 2015.

Sources and links

  1. Treaty of 1927, page 221.

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