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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Latvia - Lithuania Boundary Points LTLV-0354 – 0355 (Strėliškai, LT / Vainode, LV)


Indirect Latvian boundary marker 0355 to left and indirect Lithuanian marker 0354 to right. Since the markers does not stand opposite of each other, but on each side of the road they have got different numbers.  The boundary run in the middle of the creek Janupite / Jonupis. Photographed towards south and the Lithuanian side.

Position: 56° 22' 54"N  21° 57' 22"E.  

Same direction but photographed from another angle. 

The same area photographed from Lithuanian side towards north and the Latvian side.  On the roadside in the middle of the picture was the Latvian border control located until December 2007.  

The boundary creek photographed from west towards east. 

The point was visited in October 2012.

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