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Spain – France (ESFR) Border marker no 600

The border marker photographed towards southeast. The Spanish town of Portbou is in the background.  A Spanish group of children on tour learn about the local history from the Spanish Civil War.

Just under the "600" number on the marker we find another marker.

The text reads "Nivellement General" and "I.G.N."  It appears to be a French geodetic levelling marker. Inside it should have been a plate with the altitude of the location, but it was not there.  1)

Photo of the marker area towards northeast. The air distance to marker no 601 is about 1006 m.

On the top of the border marker cliff there was another geodetic marker with the text "NAPG 108".  This might be a Spanish geodetic marker.  


1. French Wikipediaénéral_de_la_France

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