Belitres Pass Border Station
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Spain France (ESFR) Belitres Pass Border Station

The former Belitres Pass Border Station is located 150 metres on the northern side of the pass, on Spanish side. It has a long and rich history.

The police and customs booths still stand, but have not been manned since many years ago.

Here one could get exchanged francs to pesetas, and when returning home you could change your pesetas back into the right currency...  The euro coins and banknotes were introduced on 1 January 2002.

After the euro destroyed the money change business and the Schengen treaty long before that had sabotaged the passport control business, it appears somebody jumped into the pub business instead.  France and Spain implemented the Schengen Agreement on 26 March 1995.

French and Spanish coat of arms remain on this historical building, but in vain....

The guard booths still are ready for service.

In case the euro will vanish one day, they have still the old pesetas-franc rates ready.

Schengen or not, the Spanish cars still break for the "Stop" on the asphalt, years after the last police officer left the building.

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