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DEPL bm 804
DEPL bm 805
Linken Maps
Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Linken (DE) – Lubieszyn (PL) Border Station and DEPL Border Marker no. 804

Only about 45 km of Germany's 456 km land border towards Poland is dry border. This report is from a very small part of the northern part of the German-Polish boundary.  The border at Linke/Lubieszyn is located between German highway 104 and Polish highway 10, and about 12 km west of the city of Sczcecin. This is the view from the boundary line towards west. Visited on 6 July 2009.  


View from German side towards east. Bordermarkers no. 804 and Polish coat-of-arms.


Close-up photo of the Polish state border sign with coat-of-arms.
Between the Polish and the German bordermarker no. 804 was this pole erected. "SBA NZ" is most likely a shortening for "Straßenbauamt Neustrelitz" (Neustrelitz Roads).  The plastic pole is most likely marking the 0-point of highway 104.  As other photos show it is not put exactly on the borderline, but about 1 metre inside German side.  Although it is seldom to see any official markers, except of middlemarkers, between state bordermarkers, we have here an example of the opposite.


Same pole as above, but from the other side.


In the middle of the road we found this sign. A metal marker inside a blue circle inside a yellow circle.  It is not known what this point is about.


Borderline from bordermarker 804 towards bordermarker 805. The circle on the photo above is clearly on German side of the boundary. (Road pole to left.)


The former Lubieszyn passport and custom station was more or less closed down after Poland joined Schengen treaty.

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