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Jan S. Krogh's Geosite: Germany - Poland Boundary Point no. 5 

During IBRG's ENBE Expedition in 2012 we visited about one points at the German - Poland Boundary north of the CZDEPL tripoint. The point is located at a border brigde over Lusatian Neisse river.

The boundary at the former Bordercrossing Zittau Friedensstrasse (DE) - Porajow (PL) was in the middle of Lusatian Neisse river.  After Poland in December 2007 entered the Schengen Treaty there is no passport or customs control at this border. 

German border marker no. 5.

Jesper photographed Hans-Peter at Polish border marker no. 5.

Jesper at the boundary line with all Germany behind his back.

Exactly in the middle of the road and on the border line we found a marker, similar to the one at Linken.

The bolt head was about 20 mm in diametre.

The text was in Polish language - Punkt pomiarowy (Measurement point).  This point is the exact boundary middle line.

The point was visited by the IBRG's April 2012 ENBE Expedition.

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