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The Common German-Luxembourg Territory (DELU)

The Condominium is consisting from at least 9 possible dry condominium islet areas (numbered 1 – 9) which also are found on official maps. There are also four more islets partly with adjacent river territory (A – D) which according to the Luxembourg mapping and other information appear to be exclaves inside the condominium.
Most of them are islets, the biggest of them, island 7 is about 220 x 74 metres big and therefore larger than Pheasant Island
Islands no. 1, 2 and 3 are in River Our, islands A, B, C and D and no. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are in River Sauer and island no. 9 is in River Mosel.  Only islands also found on topographic maps are listed. 

Island 1

Island no 1 is only about 5 m long. Position 50° 7' 38" N 6° 8' 15" E. 
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

The islet is located about 278 m south of BEDELU.



Island 2

Island no 2 is about 80 m long and C-shaped. Position 50° 6' 29" N 6° 7' 51" E.
4.6878 ha land east of the Our belong to Luxembourg.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

The islet is located about 2,2 km south of islet 1.

Photo of island no 2. (Photo: © Juliet-Zulu)

Island 3

Island no 3 is about 30 m long. Position 50° 4' 28" N 6° 6' 58" E.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

The islet is located about 3,9 km south of islet no 2.

Islands A and B

Island A (173 x 30 m) and B (80 x 10 m) seem not to be a part of the DELU condominium and appear therefore to be German exclaves. 
Position of A is 49° 50' 45" N 6° 20' 21" E. 
3.9632 ha land west of the Sauer belong to Germany.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

Islets A and B are located about 30 km southeast of islet no 3.

As all the other islets, neither these are populated. (Image: GeoBasisViewer)

Only islet A was registered on German mapping. Its area is about 0,34 ha (3416 m²).
(Image: GeoBasisViewer)

Islands C, D and E

Island no D is only about 124 m long and 28 m wide. As A and B neither these are according to this Luxembourg map a part of the condominium, and appear therefore to be German exclaves.
Position of island D is 49° 50' 21" N 6° 22' 41" E. (Image: Le Géoportail National)

They are located about 2 km southeast of the German village of Bollendorf.

The islets are clearly visible on German ortomap. (Image: GeoBasisViewer)

Anyway they are not registered on this German topographic map.  (Image: GeoBasisViewer)

Island 4

Island no 4 is about 130 m long and 30 m wide. Position 49° 44' 40" N 6° 30' 9" E.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

The islet is located about 13,8 km southeast of islet D.

Islands 5 and 6

Island no 5 is about 266 m long.  According to the Luxembourg map only the southern islet parts are condominium. They both border Germany on the middle, most likely because the river has changed her position since the border was agreed between the two countries.  Position of islet 5 is 49° 43' 42" N 6° 30' 24" E.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

Islet no 5 is located 1,7 km south of islet no 4.

Island 7

Island no 7 is about 221 m long and 74 m wide. Position 49° 43' 15" N 6° 30' 44" E.
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

The location is 1 km south-southeast of islet no 5.

Island 8

Island no 8 is about 190 m long and 50 m wide.  Position 49° 43' 22" N 6° 29' 48" E.  Here we see the condominium also has a very small part of the left river bank. 
(Image: Le Géoportail National)

Islet no 5, 7 and 8 are shown also on the German map. Islet no 8 is situated just west of the German village of Langsur. (Image: GeoBasisViewer)

The location is about 1,1 km west of islet no 7.

This German close-up satelite image seems to have been taken when the river level was very low.  (Image: GeoBasisViewer)

Island 9

Island no 9 is very close to DEFRLU tripoint. The condominium part of the island is only about 65 m long and 28 m wide. Position 49° 28' 10" N 6° 22' 5" E. It is located about 30 km south of islet no 8.


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