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Triline Belgium – Germany – Luxembourg Boundary (BEDELU) 

The northern tripoint area is consisting from two technical tripoints and one triline area. The western technical tripoint – BEDELULU – at the western riverbank is between Belgium and Luxembourg and the condominium. The eastern technical tripoint – BEDEDELU – is in the midle of the river between and between Belgium and Germany in north and the condominium in sourth. The line between these two technical tripoints forms the actual triline boundary – BEDELU – between Belgium in north and the common area of Germany and Luxembourg in south. This line is about 5 meter long and stops in both ends one single point before both tripoints.  (Image: Le Géoportail National)

The Luxembourg marker LBN52 is not located exactly at the western technical tripoint (which is where the creek meets the River Our), but slightly south of it.  (Image: Le Géoportail National)

The condominium boundary is not always strictly following the river banks as the river changes shapes from one year to another. (Image: Le Géoportail National)


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2. GeoBasisViewer, Landesamt für Vermessung und Geobasisinformation Rheinland-Pfalz

1. Visit to the triline area on 9 May 2008, 
2. Photo of triline area photographed from German side
3. Borderland BEDELU visit (13 Sep 2001)
Rolf Palmberg's BEDELU visit (2001)

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