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Cyprus - North Cyprus (TRNC) United Kingdom (UK) (Under construction)

The unrecognized North Cyprus borders United Kingdom's Sovereign Base Are of Dhekelia. The boundary runs from west of the town of Pergamos until the easternmost UN buffer zone east of the town of Vrysoules.  

Ortophoto of the road corridor between Dhekelia and Ayios Nikolaos Station. The road corridor is mostly about 90 metres wide and 13 km long. The photos of the ghost city of Achna is taken from area 1. The Greek-Cypriot population was after the 1974 civil war mostly evacuated as the arrow shows into the SBA and the new, temporary village of Dasaki Achnas. 

At the roundabout in Area 2 we have photographed a border marker (BM), the UN observation post 135 and a TRNC observation post.

Area 1: A border marker between North Cyprus and UK's Eastern SBA of Dhekelia at the ghost city of Achna. The sign is warning that one is leaving the SBA in English, Greek and Turkish langauges.

A sign is warning that it is Turkish military territory. In the background we see the Church of Achna. 

Area 2:  A border marker east of the road at the traffic circle. The TRNC-UK boundary goes along with the fence. TRNC territory is behind the marker, while the road is ESBA, UK.

The boundary is only about 8 metres from the road asphalt. The border marker number had partly fell off and was unreadable.

The northern part of the roundabout from northwest towards southeast.

The warning sign was put where the boundary is on its closest to the main road. At this point the boundary runs over a 70 m lenght along with the main road (roundabout) with a distance of only about 8 metres.  

The roundabout from northwest towards southeast and the UNFICYP Observation Post 135, situated about 100 metres inside the UK ESBA.


OP 135 from east towards west.

We could only see a watch dog.

On the northern side of the road, 500 metres northeast of UNFICYP OP 135, we observed a TRNC observation post.

The Turkish post seemed to be manned with two men and was situated 116 metres north of the TRNC-UK boundary.


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