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Cyprus - Strovilia (Cyprus North Cyprus United Kingdom) (Under construction)

The small village of Strovilia was the only place where the Republic of Cyprus bordered the unrecognized North Cyprus. In 2000 the village was absorbed by North Cyprus and was in December 2011 uninhabited.

Strovilia is located at the border of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with the British Sovereign Base Area (SBA) of Dhekelia. The Turkish forces, believing Strovilia to be within the area assigned to the SBA, did not occupy it by the time the cease fire came into effect.

During the following twenty-six years, until its absorption into the TRNC on 30 June 2000, Strovilia remained as the sole location on the island where the Greek-Cypriot south shared a direct border with the Turkish-Cypriot north. It was considered a small fragment, rather than an enclave, since it bordered on two entities, the TRNC and the SBA. 
There is a UK customs station at this border. The boundary between North Cyprus and the Eastern SBA is not divided by
any United Nations Buffer Zone, and it the only dry boundary where North Cyprus not borders a United Nations buffer zone.

On 14 December 2011, United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted the resolution renewing the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) and calling for the restoration in Strovilia of "the military status quo which existed prior to 30 June 2000. 1) 

The border marker 233 at Strovilia was until 2000 a tripoint marker between Cyprus, North Cyprus and UK's Eastern SBA of Dhekelia.

This sketch from about 2003 is believed to have been made by British personell in the Eastern SBA. It showed the situation after North Cyprus absorbed Strovilia. Most buildings were already then occupied. In December 2011 Strovilia was abandoned and uninhabited. When we visited Strovilia the Turkish border guards believed it was British territory, and the SBA police and customs believed it was a territory of the northern part of Cyprus.









1. The article is based on an article from English Wikipedia:  (However this article contains some errors.)

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